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This enchanting elephant-shaped resin tealight holder is perfect for adding a touch of charm and whimsy to your home decor. Crafted with high-quality resin and a glitter finish, this rose gold and white holder is sure to delight animal lovers and anyone who appreciates a unique and eye-catching piece.


Measuring at 11cm in length, 8cm in height, and 9cm in width, this elephant-shaped holder can accommodate standard-sized tealights, providing a soft and warm glow that creates a calming atmosphere in any room. Its intricate design and rose gold and white colour scheme give it a modern and chic look to the holder, making it a statement piece.


Our elephant tealight holder is crafted with a durable and long-lasting resin, ensuring that you can enjoy its beauty for years to come. The glitter adds sparkle and shimmer that reflects the light beautifully, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere in any room.


Whether you're using it as a centrepiece for your coffee table, as an accent piece on your bookshelf, or simply as a decorative element to add elegance to your home, our rose gold and white elephant-shaped resin tealight holder is a perfect choice. Its unique design makes it a great gift for animal lovers, elephant enthusiasts, or anyone who loves to have a playful feel to their decor.


This product is made to order, meaning due to the nature of the item, the pattern and colour may have slight variations to the images above with each item pattern being unique.

Rose Gold Elephant Tealight Holder

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  • This product is made using epoxy casting resin.

    All of my products are individually handmade and as a result, can contain unique characteristics and imperfections such as slight uneven surfaces and air bubbles due to the casting process.

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